About Us

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Rex and Connie Hudson started vacationing in Costa Rica in the late eighties. They fell in love with this tropical gem and went in search for the perfect property. In the nineties they discovered Puerto Jimenez, a quaint little town on the Osa Peninsula, which reminded them of the wild wild west. They bought property and Puerto Jimenez became their vacation destination. Rex and Connie along with their children enjoyed the Osa and all it had to offer. Through out the nineties they built a house out of hard woods from the area and continued to enjoy the area and the culture.

Time went on and things changed Rex and Connie now own and operate Hooked On Panama a fishing lodge in Panama and they sent there daughter Maria to take care of there vacation property. We are now offering all of our good times and experiences to you. We want everyone to enjoy our little slice of the Osa. Maria is on site and available to assist you with all your logistics for the trip and show you around the area.