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Waterfall Rappelling

Hike up and around a series of waterfalls nestled in lush rainforest. At the top of the falls you will receive thorough instruction covering our equipment, its proper use and safe rappelling. When you complete our course you will know how to safely rappell yourself! And, following graduation from ropes school you are READY to go.

The first waterfall is 45 feet and the second is 100 feet. If that does not get your heart beating then nothing will... you are sure to get an applause from the howler monkeys and toucans. 1/2 day. Snacks provided. $85 per person.

Or do the COMBO TOUR and go waterfall rappelling and tree climbing in the same day, a 5-6 hour trip for $120pp.

WEAR GOOD FOOTWEAR (tevas, sneakers or hiking boots). Bring cameras and extra batteries. Transportation not included.