Getting Here

Getting to Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica

Both Nature Air - and SANSA - offer daily flights to Puerto Jimenez. For private flights, Alfa Romeo Aero Taxi has a location at the airfield.

The bus company Transportes Blanco-Robo leaves San Jose for Puerto Jimenez from Calle 12, Avenidas 7/9 every day at noon. The trip is 8 hours and costs around $8.

If you're in Golfito, you can take a water-taxi, or lancha. From Golfito lanchas depart daily from the dock at 6am, 11am, and 3pm. Return trips leave Puerto Jimenez at 6am, 8:45am, 11am, and 2pm. The ride lasts 90min and costs $6. Private boat rides can be had for about $8.

From San Jose you can get on Tracopa at the Coca-Cola Station in San Jose.

Ruta 601-ASD From San Jose to David.....get off in Rio Claro and take bus or taxi to Golfito to catch water taxi.

07:30:00 a.m.David (Panama) Direct

8:30:00 AMDavid (Panama) Directo

Ruta 601 / This is from San Jose to Paso Canoas, get off in Rio Claro and take bus or taxi to Golfito.

05:00:00 a.m.Paso CanoasOrdinario

13:00:00Paso CanoasOrdinario

18:30:00Paso CanoasOrdinario

Ruta 612 From San Jose to Golfito. Get off bus and catch the water taxi to Puerto Jimenez

07:00:00 a.m.GolfitoOrdinario


From Panama City

Fly into David take a taxi to the border around $20, after you check out of Panama and into Costa Rica and take a taxi to Golfito usually runs around